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Published: 04th May 2011
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Samsung white reproduction of scandal before. Following the air quietly after the withdrawal of South China, has "brand series refrigerator blew Samsung Jiperu global recall of 210,000 units," the news of Samsung's brand image to further damage, also originally on the "tepid", the white business and then kept a layer of the shadow.

It is understood that the recall covers the world, only South Korea area on which 21 million products. In the November 3 just confirmed the recall in China Sell The existence of "explosion" hidden refrigerator, the Samsung refrigerator yesterday overturned a few days before the "promise", denying the problem refrigerator sales in China, and it will recall the use of similar techniques, there may be hidden dangers of selling products in China, but the specific programs AQSIQ is still awaiting approval. Up to now, Samsung refrigerator recall the problem type and quantity of the product has been in doubt, whether the implementation of the "recall" is still an unsolved mystery.

Recall the mystery of yet unconfirmed

"Involves two types of products, each flow region is now investigating, nationwide statistics specifically related to the number." Samsung's internal sales people, who asked not be named, said Tao.

News media had earlier pointed out that the problem in the domestic refrigerator model RS21 series, RSH1 series, and the models are sold in the domestic market at present. In response, Samsung marketing planning department to respond to public relations manager Yan Ying said: "The models involved have not yet determined, Department of Media 'misunderstanding'."

"Company for investigation and the only two models of a 2006 production of batches of products, not all." The source said, because the old model in 2006 the old batch, together with rapid product renewal , the current GOME, Suning, Guang 100 other businesses have already not in stock, "but do not rule out a number of smuggling, changing products in the product market is still in circulation." As to the specific model involved the consumer who did not disclose.

As of yesterday, Samsung has released to the media were two issues product recall notice progress, but the content is different. Progress in the first letter recalled the note, Samsung said, "decided to recall and repair from June 2007 to May 2008 during the Gwangju plant in Korea and sold in China, part of the original imported double-door refrigerator." However, this production date of the issue with South Korea, "blew the refrigerator" out there. According to South Korean media reported on October 29 in Korea, Samsung announced the recall of the refrigerator for the March 2005 ~ June 2006 production of some products on the refrigerator door. In a subsequent statement, Samsung also said that "in South Korea and Europe of products incident did not sell the Chinese mainland, China Samsung Electronic Will recall in China objects on the design and construction of similarities with these products. "Two contradictory statements to the recall more complicated and confusing, but also led to consumers has been in a confused state.

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