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Published: 03rd May 2011
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HC coating Network News: Preparation of fine particle problems and deficiencies of calcium carbonate, to provide an electromagnetic field of the magnetization, polarization, and ultrasonic cavitation field synergy conditions, strengthen the carbonation reaction of calcium carbonate, calcium carbonate superfine particles generated methods. This method allows product ultrafine particle size, particle size distribution is more narrow; dispersion, stability, and back to alkaline have been improved; carbonation reaction time is short; energy consumption and low, low cost, continuous production of nanometer calcium carbonate methods and equipment.

1. Project Name:

A kind of electromagnetic field, ultrasonic field of strengthening synergies Preparing carbonation reaction methods and equipment.

Patent: Preparation of fine calcium carbonate. Patent number: 200510045329.0

Utility model: fine calcium carbonate reaction device. Patent number: 200520125621.9

2. . Technology applications (technology maturity, scope)

The patented invention has been small scale. Not only can be applied to reaction - Preparation of ultrafine precipitation Powder (Such as the synthesis of nano calcium carbonate), but also widely used in mass transfer control of the gas, liquid, solid or liquid, liquid-solid reactions, light industry, petrochemical and Medicine And so on.

3. Background Technology

Calcium carbonate resources in China is the world's major powers and producer. Calcium carbonate is an important inorganic powder material, widely used in Plastic , Rubber, paper, paints, inks, car paints and pharmaceutical industries. In recent years, with the micronized calcium carbonate and Surface Treatment Technological progress, so that calcium carbonate products from a single filled to the professional, fine, functional direction, which further extends the applications of calcium carbonate, creating new market opportunities, people's demand for calcium carbonate nano-particles volume is growing. However, calcium carbonate industry in China, has some added value and the precipitated calcium carbonate, in the product structure, only 7.7%, including varieties with high added value are extremely small, less than 0.5% of total capacity. However, there are used in high-end nano-calcium carbonate 95% dependent on Import

Present, domestic and foreign industrial production of calcium carbonate precipitation process are: intermittent bubbling carbonation, continuous spray method and the multi-stage gravity carbonation reaction crystallization. The "bubbling carbonation method" is generally used to prepare the fine particle calcium carbonate, which is to pass into the gas containing CO2 with Ca (OH) 2 slurry with or without agitators bubble column or reaction tank complete the carbonation reaction, reaction temperature by cooling and adding Dispersant , Crystal control agent additive to achieve fine calcium carbonate. Since the inhomogeneity of gas distribution, leading to gas, liquid, solid and white interface contact area is small, mass transfer is slow, poor micromixing. Methods and equipment used in the preparation of synthetic calcium carbonate fine particles of the following problems and shortcomings.

(1) produced particles is not detailed enough, usually in the 0.1 m ~ a few m, wider size distribution.

(2) dispersion and stability of the difference between different batches of products poor reproducibility.

(3) the reaction process prone to the phenomenon of the final package back to base effects result in product quality.

(4) the traditional intermittent bubbling carbonation is a stirred tank reactor by the process and equipment constraints, nucleation and crystal growth is difficult to separate these two processes, to obtain uniform size of solid particles, the process difficult to control.

(5) the production process require low temperature operation

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